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The Breast Cancer Society

The Breast Cancer Society – based in Mesa, Arizona – is one of the only national breast cancer charities in the U.S. with a primary focus on providing direct help and assistance to those suffering from breast cancer.

While research and education are both vital, and are funded by The Breast Cancer Society, thousands of victims of breast cancer each year need not only information and the hope for an eventual cure, but also require direct assistance today so they and their families can meet the challenges of this disease. This is why TBCS and its supporters are so important. Why, with so much money being raised for breast cancer, is there still such a need for direct assistance to those with the disease?

The vast majority of money raised for breast cancer causes are spent to fund research. While research is a worthy and very important cause (and is also supported by TBCS), there exists a more pressing need for women battling breast cancer today – women for whom tomorrow’s cure may be too far away. These women need help now – not to find a cure, but to win their current battle with breast cancer. These individuals cannot wait for tomorrow’s discoveries to meet today’s needs.

Besides providing direct financial assistance, supplies, education, referral services, and in-home care to women in the U.S. battling breast cancer, The Breast Cancer Society operates an extensive program of procuring medicines, care items, and medical supplies that are sent around the world to our established and reputable program service partners in impoverished or developing countries. These service partners include nonprofit hospitals, clinics, missions, and rural physicians who offer the primary medical services for women in their areas who develop breast cancer.

*The information above was taken directly from www.breastcancersociety.org